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New n00b at Newgrounds

2009-10-10 04:38:46 by ZaikuZERO

And YES I'm talkin' about myself. So um yeah just joined up, but I don't know a thing about flash. I'm highly interested in learning about it though, and looking forward to making flash vids. Umm, that's about it for now, I guess. To everybody who could be assed enought to read this, have a nice day. x3


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2009-10-10 04:49:19

Welcome 2 newgrounds :D


2009-10-10 05:10:06

What`s up and welcome to NG
PM me if you need anything to ask about NG


2009-10-10 08:35:00

welcome to newgrounds.
be sure read the forums and such


2009-10-10 19:28:50

Welcome to NG
Kingdom Hearts is a great game, being totaly unrelated to the subject :3

ZaikuZERO responds:

Totally agreed, Kingdom hearts for the win. x3